Monday, 17 August 2009

Chocolate Orange ~ yummy

Well after a stressfull 3 weeks I decided to kick back and have a play with OHCP ( Oven Hot Cold Process )layers. A tad daunting as I had to to it at a thick trace...I don't work too well with thick traces as they induce panick. Panicking and Making Cold Process isn't the best combination.

The brown is coloured with Cocoa powder and the Orange from one of my suppliers. There is no Chocolate fragrance just the scent from the Cocoa powder...also some Cocoa butter to add extra Chocolateyness. I can't wait for this to cure properly and have a good wash with it.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Cold Process

Here are some new plain coloured cold process soaps which I absolutely love....the purple one is fragranced with Lavender and the pink is Sweet Pea

not the best of pictures but I love the alternate pink purple layers

These are my latest truth batches gone wrong due to the total weight :0( a mad dash to sprinkle the tops with botanicals soon saved these soaps and transformed them into beauties.....these are the Palm free soaps that I have been trying to crack.
PH is fine and they are hardening into a really nice bar.

The creamy white is scented with Lily & Ginseng topped with Jasmine flowers and the pink is scented with Sweet Pea and topped with Lavender petals, Rose petals and Cornflowers.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Cold Process Soap

Cold Process seems to be the high point of my soap making life at the moment, it's all I can think about making.... have got a few new colours to try out and have a play with.

With some specially made cold process soap colourants a combo of black and pink seems to be the most appealing at the mo.

Mainly pink with maybe a black swirl or vice versa or maybe I should take the plunge and try to do a something a little more complex like layers ?

Hmmmmm maybe not yet .

Fragrance....really want to try the JM pom noir type or Black Raspberry & Vanilla ( current fave of the decade its delicious ) BRV it is then ! here's my m & p ( melt and pour ) version