Friday, 5 March 2010

At last a gorgeous black soap

Whilst mooching around my fav suppliers for new ideas I stumbled upon a Coal Tar fragrance oil. Now this is a bit like Marmite ~ you either love it or hate it ~ me I love it and have already made a load of pamper goodies for myself to try out.

I bought some specialist Cold Process colourants a while back and after a failed attempt at a black and salmon pink marbled soap I threw them in the back of the cupboard and vowed not to look at them again ( I am known for a strop when things don't go my way ) The said salmon pink & black soap came out a lifeless grey and murky pink and ended up being grated and used to wash my floors !

I however will not be thwarted and will strive to perfect the dreaded black soap.

So armed with my new fragrance oil, dusty bottle of black colourant dragged from the deepest darkest depths of the cupboard and some fabby blue clay, I strode with purpose into the kitchen to create something spectacular. 5 mins later I strode back into the front room with a cuppa to work out a new recipe on soapcalc. ( The mind boggles )

Half hour later with my creation resting in the oven I start to think that maybe just maybe I will have the perfect black soap.

Now with the Oven Hot Cold Process method although it speeds things up I am still like an over excited child on Christmas morning and just can't wait to get the soap out of the mould and poke it and prod it. Patience is a virtue I strive to achieve daily.

Several hours later and a nice worn foot path running from the kitchen to the front room this is what my soap looked like ......

It is a true shade of black but I do need to improve my photographic skills as no matter how many angles the flash showed up on the face of the soap..."turn the flash off I hear you shout maddeningly at your screens" .... nope it was too dark in the kitchen for it to have done any justice.


pilatesMAD said...

I like this, a great one for the blokes!

ladymucks said...

Hello you :0) The whole airing cupboard smells of this's not an easily gotten rid of scent

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