Tuesday, 1 March 2011

CP Addict

well it's been quite a wile since I last blogged..there's been loads happening here at LM's..but I shall make sure I post every month so you can keep upto date with all our goodies

We've been indulging in CP( Cold Process ) soap making again as it's just something that's really adored here..went a bit mad over the weekend but had some amazing results.

Super simple and basically gorgeous Castile ( 100% Olive oil ) soap with fragrance variations...I just adore the Bay Rum with it's plum, turquoise and cream pattern...

here's some others we've been making
Liquorice which we could cry over as it's a bit crumbly at the bottom :0(

Samsara type

Monkey Farts

Blue Amberwood

and a Red Grapefruit & Sugarcane that went horrifically wrong.......

Just 6 long weeks left to go now until they can be used and are fully hardened...we can't wait.


Mummy blue said...

Beautiful soaps ,wonderful blog.
Kisses from Spain

ladymucks said...

thank you Mummy Blue :0D

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