Wednesday, 25 May 2011

new cp recipe needed

well it's been a fabulous month of cold process soap making..and there's been a few triumphs that I've managed to squeeze inbetween the bath bomb wholesale orders.

Although I can't do the intricate swirls and layering that I have been as my mix just thickens too quickly, but it's perfect for a one colour.

Here's a few of the ones I've been playing with
Finest spun linen cold process

Cedarwood & Rooibos essential oil cold process

Lavender Rose essential oil cold process

Clotted Cream cold process

And finally an Ale cold process

I can't begin to describe the satisfaction of Cold Process soap's the perfect remedy to blow away the stresses of the day. To start with a few butters and oils and to turn it into something bubbly and creamy and that you get alot of pleasure using.

It may be slightly more expensive to use than glycerine soaps but the benefits they bring can not can feel all those gorgeous butters and oils conditioning your skin and leaving it highly moisturised and loved...if you've not tried some I really do recommend you do..I guarantee you'll love it!

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