Saturday, 17 April 2010

What a week

Well I tried to conquer the HP method of soap making and failed miserably ...I won't say what it looked like but let me tell you it wasn't nice.

After a good ole chat with another HP maker ( thank you ) I am going to try a little bit more informed now.

So after my HP disaster I turned my attention to other goodies that I wanted to make and have to say I am way more happy with the results.
I made a delicious Body Latte fragranced in Ozone ( my absolute fav F/O at the moment ) and a Lavender & Chamomile infused Body Cream..the colour still needs working on as the infusion turned it to a murky grey.

Ozone Body Latte

My new bottles also came in this week which helped me to transform my Body Polishes, the tired drab looking pots have been replaced with a nice new squeezy Tottle. I can now make them slightly more oilier. Just got to work on the darn labels now..that is probably one of the downsides for me as I hate designing new labels with a passion.

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