Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Hot Process Cracked it

Ok so it's been a little while since I last Blogged but I have been busy in the kitchen trying to crack the Hot Process method and by jove I think I've got it.

I started off with small 500g batches and was so proud of my first successful batch which was fragranced with Bay Rum...plain and simple but heavenly.

Then I tried to be a bit too cocky and went for a 3 coloured layered one, fragranced in Aphrodite which is like a spicy cola. The colours were a nitemare and I ended up with white blobs of soap flecked throughout.

And today's creation is Red Grapefruit & Candy cane..I absolutely love the fragrance and the colours were much easier this time to blend in.

So all in all I am slowly getting there, but will ever aspire to create some of my own versions inspired by the wonderful soaps that are out there.


Edith said...

Well done those all look great and especially like the colours of the last one HP isn't easy to play with x

Dörte said...

IST DOCH ganz schön geworden, wenig OHP Müsste Ich auch Ein üben. Abers Eine CP ist einfach feiner!

liebe Grüße Dörte

ladymucks said...

Edith ~ Hp is becoming a nitemare for me unless I keep it really simple like the Seville orange & Calendula...I'm just a tad impatient lol :0)

Ich liebe die Farben und den Duft jetzt ist göttlich. Haben Sie auch tun, HP / CP / OHCP? sorry bin mit Google Translator es so kommen kann, ein wenig schief.

Lori Stoia said...

The second photo reminds me of the painting "Stary Night". Sometimes mistakes turn out to be beautiful.

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