Tuesday, 15 June 2010

June product of the month ~ Budding Romance Bath Bomb Heart

This months feature product:
Budding Romance ~ a blend of Egyptian White Musk and blushed pink rose buds. 150g each.

I've had a couple of wedding favour orders for these this month and several individual sales and I can remember why.....Seeing my drying rack filled to bursting point with rows upon rows of them and the sweet musky scent wafting down the hall following me everywhere I go...has had me in the mood for love today.

Simply beautiful


Afterglow Cosmetics said...

Looks very romantic and I am sure the benefits are also going to be huge.It also makes a lovely git idea for wedding or anniversaries.
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ladymucks said...

thank you :0D once in a while there comes along a product which you just love and this is mine.

I may have to make one or two more variants of them as I love them that much

The Pendant Box said...


ladymucks said...

thank you <3

Everything Shea ... Creates said...

What a combo--looks, creative scent & rosebuds -- has it all! :)

WarPaintGuru said...

Wow! Those are absolutely beautiful! You make so many lovely products it's hard to choose! Keep up the great work! xxx

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