Monday, 5 July 2010

July Product of the month

ok it's a hard one this month as I've been busily creating away in the Lady Mucks kitchen and come up with some fabby new Bath Meringues and the Blackberry & Apple sls free soap has been selling really well, sooooo I guess I'll feature both.

Passion Fruit Bath Meringues with a Shea & Cocoa butter filling

Choconilla Bath Meringues also with a Shea & Cocoa butter filling

These have been part of recent prize draws I've been having on the Facebook fan page so if you haven't had a look please do and sign up to become and fan to keep up with all the latest news and prize draws.

And finally...Blackberry & Apple sls free handmade soap

This has been selling so well these last few weeks I've lost count of how many loaves in total I've made.


WarPaintGuru said...

Wow these looks amazing! xxx

ladymucks said...

thank you xx

Edith said...

lovely bath meringues so pretty and your soap looks amazing too love those colours!

Everything Shea ... Creates said...

I like the name bath meringues. It's also cool that you can make them in different color combos.

ladymucks said...

My friend thought of the name so I quickly pinched it from her...I also love the fact that I can do different colour combo's .

I saw all the pretty cupcakes with piped Shea that are around and liked them but really wanted to do something different..I haven't seen anything like this before so am hoping I can label myself "inventor" lol

Sultana said...

Preciosos todos tus trabajos,me encantan.


ladymucks said...

bienvenida ... muchas gracias x x

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