Sunday, 17 April 2011

Traditional Soaping Disaster Week

it has been the week from hell where soap making has been concerned..I thought I had perfected my recipe and it's being a nightmare atm.

2 times this week I've tried to do a Black Raspberry & Vanilla ( BRV ) cp soap and 2 times its gone awry

I was sooo gutted as it looked gorgeous when I had finished the layers and swirling but when it came to de-moulding it all stuck to the sides and ruined the whole slab.

Batch number 2 wasn't much better...but it de-moulded fairly well after 48 hours hardening but when cutting it smeared those fab swirls everywhere.

So today i thought I would do a Rose Geranium essential oil one colour was divine until I took my eyes off it for no longer than 10 seconds and mount Vesuvius erupted all along the centre

my plan for Cornwall soap domination is quickly coming to an end.

Here's an updated picture of the Rose Geranium essential oil soap after a few good whacks and a settling down period


Celine Blacow said...

Don't worry too much, you'll sort out the issues and end up with mega lovely soap!!

ladymucks said...

it's not looking as bad now as it was...a few good whacks on the counter and it seems to have settled down a's a fab colour

Celine Blacow said...

Yay, you'll have to post up-to-date pics!

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