Thursday, 20 May 2010

nightmare day

Ok so today's been a uber bad day with the soaping...well and yesterday too.
out of 4 batches of soap only 1 has turned out with good results.

What did I make ?
Spearmint scrub
Seville orange & Calendula
Blackberry Sorbet

what a mare it was..I tried to make Castile with the HP method and failed took forever to trace and even longer to cook in the pan and even then it started looking weird with these funny oil pockets, so I stuck the blender back in an blitzed like heck. The end result is now a funny marbled white & cream loaf.

The Spearmint scrub was worse and ended up in the bin soon to be joined by my Blackberry Sorbet which has a layer of oil about 1cm thick on the top..the dam FO curdled it rotten.

and just to complete the disastrous day a 50g bag of red iron oxide decided to poof open in my face and all over the worktops and floor covering everything in a gastly red colour.

So the only success is now sitting proudly on the drying tray waiting to be used.

well I did say this blog was a "trial and tribulations of a soaper" and it's been one cock up after another. It can't all be good.
So my lesson from 2 days of disasters is:
HP ~ best for basic one colour or botanical soaps
CP ~ best for Castile and lots of colours and delicate patterns
OHCP ~ thick traced and layered soaps

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