Friday, 28 May 2010

Seeing as a piping craze has hit the UK b & b shores I thought I may have to get in on the pleasantly surprised was I

After a few bumbling attempts with a piping bag ( I am the most un-housewifey/domestic cook the world has ever seen ) I got there with a few lumps and bumps and then got totally carried away by dipping them in my mix.

I would really like to eat them...they are soooo tempting. So thanks Sandie for the fabby name of bath meringues consider it nabbed.

Still carrying on the the feel good vibes from the beginning of the week so I may have a go at a new CP soap tomorrow...


Edith said...

I really like those what are they made from are they bath bombs I know you mentioned bath meringues (sorry for my ignorance not seen these before) and they look fab!

ladymucks said...

Edith...Bath Meringues was just a name I pinched from a friend.

It's a bath bomb with piped butter in the middle and then dipped in some of the melted butter.
I've been having a great play around this morning lol

Edith said...

Oh I see now thanks for telling me..still think those are great x

ladymucks said...

they are going to be a featured product when the site gets it's soooo excited lol

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