Monday, 24 May 2010

Spanky New Bath Bombs

A fabby morning in the kitchen having some fun kicking back and playing around with new designs and the results:
2 different designs of Passion Flower..I couldn't decide which colour combo worked the best..I wanted them to be a bit more defined rather than blobs but I can work on that.

And here's my other 2..a lemon & lime citrus blast ( will forgo the white central blob next time ) and a 2 colour swirl in Blackberry which I really fancy calling scramble to the's a whacky day for me today :0)

Seeing as it's a positively charged start to the week with good vibes flowing I'm back off to the kitchen to have yet another go at a Blackberry ( now re-named scramble to the bramble ..what can I say I'm a sucker for weird and wonderful ) HP or CP loaf.


Edith said...

Wow I really love those I have just started to make bath bombs I think you have done a fab job!

Sergio said...

Great job. Really nice bath bombs. Congratulations.

ladymucks said...

thank you both...I love coming up with new designs..oh I love my job :0)

Lori Stoia said...

Those are too cool! I love the designs on the top. Were those designs intentional or by mistake?

ladymucks said...

awww Thank you Lori, a bit of both..the passion flower bath bombs were meant to be more defined not styled on the sock pattern ( Argyle ). The lemon & lime is going to have the white bit left out next time I make them , but I totally adore "Scramble to the Bramble" I may have to make different colour combinations

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